Extreme power. Prime results. Highest safety.

The Primelase HR platform is designed to work with different wavelengths being able to adapt hair removal treatments to the needs of all kinds of patients during each season of the year. It can work with all skin types and with all kinds of hair, with maximum effectiveness guaranteed.

USP (Ultra Short Pulse) technology

Primelase HR works using exclusive USP (Ultra Short Pulse) technology, which enables the delivery of ultra short pulses (3,5 and 10 ms) with high fluency in large spots thanks to its high peak power being the first diode laser with characteristics of SSL (Solid State Laser).
The USP technology is designed to combine the advantages of solid-state lasers with diode lasers, enabling work to be done with a high peak power (Up to 4,800W) delivering the energy in ultra short pulses (3, 5 and 10ms).