Lotus Gynolaser

Treat the symptoms of vaginal ageing and atrophy with tried and tested technology

Vaginal Laxity and Atrophy
Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome (VRS) and Vaginal Atrophy are common problems for women. They can occur as a result of natural ageing, pregnancy and childbirth, natural or induced menopause, or any illness that interferes with normal female hormonal balance.

  • Vaginal Relaxation Syndrome is also described as laxity of the vaginal wall. The effect is a loss of friction during intercourse, and a reduction in sexual satisfaction for both partners.
  • Vaginal Atrophy describes the thinning of the wall of the vagina and a loss of lubrication in the vaginal mucosa. It can also have a profound effect on sexual function and quality of life for many women.
  • The vagina mucosa becomes thicker and softer, and elasticity and moisture content are restored.
  • Stress urinary incontinence, painful intercourse, vaginal itching and irritation symptoms are significantly reduced.
  • Benefits can be felt almost immediately, with further improvements for up to a month after treatment.