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Cryomed is Australia’s leading provider of aesthetic healthcare devices. We import and distribute light based aesthetic solutions, ultrasound systems and non invasive cryolipolysis devices across Australia and New Zealand.

We exclusively distribute quality equipment, offer clinical education, provide technical support and strive to deliver customer service exceeding expectations. Our mission is to provide innovative, cost affective quality systems which enable the aesthetic medical community to transform their practices in terms of profit, procedures and patient satisfaction.

Cryomed supplies the Australia and New Zealand region with cutting edge technology both medical and cosmetic.

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Delivering a Promise

Our unique approach to helping customers succeed in an ever changing environment

Exclusive Business Model

We work with you to discover and explore solutions that fits your business model and clientele for the fastest return on investment.

Solid Partnership

Ongoing support and clinical training ensures that your business and Cryomed are partners in success from the start.

Effective Marketing

We have dedicated staff to look after your needs in the fast-paced world of digital, print and social media marketing.

Superior Clinical Support

We have medical professionals among our clinical staff and KOLs from various specialties in the medical field to help ensure you have the latest information accessible.

Cryomed have dedicated, on-the-ground support and sales staff in all Australian states and territories as well as in New Zealand.

The Cryomed showroom and training centre is located near Sydney Airport:
Unit 5B / 32 Ralph Street, Alexandria NSW 2015

You can contact us anytime on 1300 346 448 or